Practice - Reinventing a Tv Show pilot
Episodic: working on a main set, two swing sets, and a location set, from the script of a Tv-show pilot. Drafting on SketchUp, rendering on Podium, concept drawings on photoshop. 
During my second semester at the American Film Institute, we were asked to reinvent the production design of the pilot of a Tv show that we had never seen. 
Not understanding the assignment at first, my friend and I chose Tv shows that we had watched before, "Pushing Daisies" for her, and "Community" for me. After realizing our mistake, we decided to switch since we hadn't seen each other's choices. 
The pie hole
the county coroner's office - swing set #1
The funeral home - swing set #2
Ned's apartment - location set
stage plans

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